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Video Review: Fantasia “Truth Is”

At the deli, a cook prepares a sandwich on the grill. A young woman giggles at her boyfriend’s joke and leans into him. Another young woman smiles while sitting at the counter. Fantasia says she would like a blueberry muffin. A familiar voice calls out her name, interrupting her. She turns out and it’s her ex-boyfriend. They hug and he […]

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Video Review: Zayn & Sia “Dusk Till Dawn”

At the kitchen table, Zayn opens a briefcase and looks to see what’s inside. Then, he sits at his windowsill, observing a young woman (Jeminma Kirke), wearing sunglasses and walking with a briefcase. After seeing her pass by, he puts on his sunglasses and takes his suitcase. As he walks down the street. a disfigured man follows him in his […]


Video Review: Martin Garrix “Pizza”

At around 8 p.m., Martin Garrix takes a bite from his slice of pizza as he readies to board another plane. He observes the copper skies from the window and watches a funny movie on his computer. While performing at a show, millions of fans film him with their phones. With his back to the audience, he scratches his arm. […]

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Video Review: Faithless “Insomnia”

In black-and-white, Maxi Jazz sits on the balcony of an office building looking up at the sky. He walks between the two skyscrapers, wearing a business suit, money hanging out of his pocket. Standing by the wall, he listens to music on his headphones. He walks in a parking lot, wearing a top hat and passes by multiple garages. At […]

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Video Review: Kendrick Lamar “DNA”

Kendrick Lamar sits in the interrogation room, chained to a lie detector. A police officer (Don Cheadle) walks in and scoffs once he sees Lamar. He comments that Lamar has two first names and shames him for it. Lamar looks at the floor. He then asks “do you know what DNA stands for?” and answers his own question with “Dead […]

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Video Review: Paramore “Told You So”

Hayley looks out her window as a severe candy red light beams in from across the street. Zac, wearing a red beret, matching suit and black rimmed glasses drives the car. Taylor, wearing the same outfit, plays the guitar in the backseat. In a darkened room, Hayley sings, the shadows from the blinds lining the wall. Zac points something out […]